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High-speed 3D Scanning Technologies for Oral Applications

Seeking Druggable Targets for Weight Loss

How the Microbiome can be Affected Positively for Health and Wellbeing

Microencapsulation for Agrochemical Formulations

Advanced Materials for Incorporating Immobilised Enzymes: Preparation, Processes and Applications in Chemical Catalysis

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Seeking Sustainable Skin Composites as an Alternative for Leather and Synthetic Leather

Seeking Innovative Therapies for the Treatment of Skin Disorders

Seeking Serotonin Receptor Agonists to Elicit Psychedelic Effects, Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis

Therapeutics for Glomerular and Autoimmune-related Kidney Diseases

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Production of Carbon Fiber with Low Carbon Dioxide Footprint

Biodegradable Micro-encapsulation of Agricultural Active Ingredients

Differentiated Solutions for Long-term Resolution of Chronic Autoimmunity

Druggable Antibacterial Targets and Bactericidal Compounds

Novel Druggable Entities for the Treatment of Key Human Pain Indications

Seeking Solutions for Soybean Speed Breeding

Seeking Novel Anti-tumour Antibodies

Seeking Opportunities for the Treatment of Rare or Orphan Diseases

Controlled Activation of Amine or Amide Hardeners for Industrial Coatings

Technologies to Address Distribution of Macromolecules in Hard-to-reach Tissues