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Seeking Protein Engineering Approaches for Conditionally-activated Therapeutics

Seeking Novel Approaches for Hair Colour Creation and the Removal of Natural & Chemical Colour Pigment & Actives from Hair

Exploring Common Pathological Mechanisms Translatable to Skin Diseases

Novel Approaches to Increase Morbillivirus Yield from Eukaryotic Cells In Vitro

Novel Biology or Therapeutic Compounds for Treatment of Immunology & Inflammation Diseases

Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Inhibit Type 2 Inflammation

Novel Approaches to Treat and/or Prevent Progression of Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions With a Long Duration of Efficacy

Practical Solutions for Methanogenesis Inhibition in Ruminants

Biodegradable Molecules with Antimicrobial Properties for use in Cosmetic Formulations

Bicycle® Toolbox: A Novel Chemical Modality to Explore the Role of OX40 Agonism in Disease

Alternative Chemistries to Liquid PFAS

Synthetic Biology Approaches for Sustainable Production of Chemicals for the Fabric, Home Care and Beauty Industries

Seeking Novel Druggable Targets and Drug Candidates in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Antimicrobial Compounds From Natural Sources

Chimeric Antigen Receptor Construct for Novel Oncology CAR-T Cell Therapy

Biotechnology Innovations in Plant Science, Agriculture and Food

Innovation in Intraocular Lenses and Injectors for Cataract Surgery

Seeking Approaches to Alter Fatty Acid and Oil Content and Composition in Annual Crops for Downstream Industrial Applications

Druggable Targets in Diseases Due to Mucociliary Dysfunction and Bronchiectasis

Seeking Natural Ingredients that Modify the Orexin Pathway to Improve Sleep