Open Calls

Novel Druggable Entities for the Treatment of Key Human Pain Indications

Seeking Solutions for Soybean Speed Breeding

Druggable Antibacterial Targets and Bactericidal Compounds

Seeking Opportunities for the Treatment of Rare or Orphan Diseases

Seeking Novel Anti-tumour Antibodies

Technologies to Address Distribution of Macromolecules in Hard-to-reach Tissues

Controlled Activation of Amine or Amide Hardeners for Industrial Coatings

Novel Approaches to DNA and RNA Synthesis

Past Calls

Paper Modification and Paper Coating Infrastructure for Packaging Applications

Processes of Green Carbon Removal from Refractories for Recycling

Research Opportunities for C-type Natriuretic Peptide

Seeking Transformative Solutions to Treat Rare Skeletal Diseases

Generation of iPSC-derived T Cells for Therapeutic Use

Seeking Bioderived Thermoplastic-like Resin Suitable for Vacuum Infusion or Resin Transfer Moulding

Improving the Fermentation of Filamentous Fungi

Therapeutics and Drug Candidates in Immuno-Oncology

Methods of CO2 Conversion to Chemical Products by Catalytic Routes

Novel Therapeutics Targeting Disease/Tissue-specific Macrophage Biology with a Focus on Regeneration and Clearance

Seeking Translational Early Discovery Research in Haematology

Advanced Materials for the Generation of Bio-Based Products via Immobilised Non-Mammalian Organisms