Transmedia knowledge-base for Performing Arts: a dynamic archive for creative processes

Transmedia knowledge-base for Performing Arts: a dynamic archive for creative processes

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A digital and unique open-ended multimodal knowledge-base to document, annotate and support the creation of performing arts.


TKB is a transdisciplinary project aiming at an open-ended multimodal Knowledge-Base to document, annotate and support the creation of contemporary dance pieces.

More info is available here:


The TKB Knowledge-Base is a digital open-ended archive to preserve and document the work of performing artists all over the globe. It’s self-curatorial, providing easy access and upload of audio-visual materials that document the creative processes of the interested artists themselves. It currently includes over 90 artists, from choreographers to theatre directors, dancers, actors, musicians, film directors and photographers. Illustrative images can be found at

TKB website:

Main features:

  • Registration and login for users/artists;
  • Content creation/upload, for which the following templates are provided:
    • Document: standard text document/page including on image or video;
    • Gallery: page with text and several images or videos displayed in the standard gallery style;
    • Slideshow: standard image slideshow display;
    • Video: import and/or embed (via links) your YouTube or Vimeo videos;
    • Pdf: page with text and link to a .pdf file;
    • Creation tool: import and show video and CT annotations;
    • Elan: import and show video and ELAN annotations;
  • Artists’ graph that links users based on the tags of their content.

Main technologies & tools: Drupal, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS.

Infrastructure: apache web server, MySql database.


  • FERNANDES, C. AND JÜRGENS, S. 2016. “Moving from an artist-led practice into self-emerging educational approaches.” Performance Research, Volume 21, Issue 6: ‘On Radical Education’, pp. 71-77. DOI: 10.1080/13528165.2016.1239910
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  • Dimakopoulou, P. 2011 (MA thesis). Towards the creation of an annotation system and a digital archive platform for contemporary dance” – Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto.


TRL 5 – Validated in a simulated environment.


There still isn’t any other similar solution.


Potential applications are described here:

Linguistic analysis:

  • Video annotation (using ELAN) of multiple dance rehearsal videos;
  • Creation of glossary to define the specific terms used.

Software development for annotation and motion analysis:

  • Multimodal video annotator (Creation-Tool:;
  • Information & Knowledge Management;
  • Motion tracking research.

Knowledge-Base (web-based archive) for the performing arts:

This technology can also be applied in the sports industry, namely to analyse and monitorize motion tracking towards increased and optimized performance of sportsmen.


Seeking co-development partners for further functionalities of this knowledge-base. Also seeking funding for future content managers.


  • Know-how based;
  • Copyright.


  • Commercial partner;
  • Development partner;
  • Seeking investment.

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