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Innovators, this day is for you.


AquaInSilico wins Innovation and Business Development Award

AquaInSilico, a NOVA Spin-off® company, together with Frontier IP Group, has won an Innovation and Business Development Award granted by the UK Department for International Trade in Portugal. The prizes were delivered by Chris Barton, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe, along with Christopher Sainty, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal, in an event at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Lisbon, on March 10th, 2022.

50 students from NOVA nominated to the Pan-European Seal Traineeship Programme

NOVA University Lisbon is part of the Pan-European Seal Network and has recently extended the Pan-European Seal Traineeship Programme, jointly offered by Europe’s largest Intellectual Property (IP) organizations – the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This traineeship program provides young graduates and high-performance university students, in their final year of studies, as well as Ph.D. candidates, with access to 12-month paid traineeships at the EPO, in Munich, Germany, or at the EUIPO, in Alicante, Spain, contributing to their insertion in the competitive world of IP through an enriching multicultural professional experience, advanced training and teamwork. As such, more than 50 students from NOVA, coming from seven of its Organic Units, applied the Pan-European Seal Traineeship Programme. The selection process was conducted by the NOVA Impact office, resulting in a total of 24 students nominated to the EPO and 26 to the EUIPO. As trainees at the EPO and the EUIPO, high-achieving university graduates will undertake challenging assignments in a range of departments. Through a combination of on-the-job work experience and professional training, trainees will have the opportunity to learn, develop skills and increase employability within their specific area of competence over the course of one year. There is a wide range of opportunities for several fields of knowledge such as Law, Science & Engineering, Political Sciences, International Relations, Linguistics, Economics, Business Administration/Entrepreneurship, Information Technology and, Communication. For more information about this programme, follow NOVA Impact on LinkedIn to be the first to know about new opportunities.

Want to be nominated to a 12-month international internship by NOVA? Apply to the Pan European Seal Programme now!

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The Pan European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme is a paid internship programme offered by the EPO (European Patent Office) and the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for students and alumni of some of the largest European colleges/universities.

NOVA has partnered up with EPO and EUIPO and is inviting its students and recent alumni to participate in this programme and experience what it is like to work for 12 month in an intellectual property office.

The EPO, in Munich, and the EUIPO, in Alicante, are looking for graduates for the 2022/2023 vacancies.

Applications open until February 22th, 2022!

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NOVA impACT! Challenges Final

10 impactful projects compete to solve NOVA's proposed challenges with the support of Santander Universities (more…)

NOVA impACT! challenges is back

The NOVA impACT! Challenges is back. Through this program, NOVA University Lisbon and Santander Bank, want to leverage the knowledge, innovation and creativity at the service of society and support the development of 10 innovative solutions, easy to implement and of global impact, to respond to the societal and environmental challenges identified in the sustainable development goals (SDGs).
During 4 weeks (11 October to 5 November), selected candidates will have access to pocket money (up to €500), workshops, specialized mentoring and University resources to develop a proof of concept/prototype, in addition to a prize money (up to €2000€) for the winning team to support the implementation of the selected ideas. We aim to find solutions for socially or environmentally relevant challenges, from promoting social inclusion and physical and mental wellbeing, to reducing social inequalities and promoting sustainable economic recovery. Solutions can range anywhere from apps and websites, to physical devices or a business plan, and must answer to at least one of the SDGs from the United Nations.
Learn more here and submit your idea by September 29th, .

Modatta and Yourbiome are the winners of the NOVA STARTUP Competition

An application that transforms mobile phone data into a source of income and a team that develops innovative solutions based on faecal microbiota, were the winners of this year's NOVA STARTUP Competition, a competition for innovative projects promoted by NOVA University. Modatta and YourBiome, represented by their co-founders Rodrigo Moretti and Daniel Neves, respectively, were considered the two best teams by the jury composed by the Pro-Rector of NOVA for the areas of Entrepreneurship of Social and Economic Value Creation, Professor Isabel Rocha, João Martins (Program Manager, Indico Capital Partners) and Pedro Castel Branco (Senior Associate, Armilar). The Modatta and YourBiome teams will now represent NOVA at Stage Two, scheduled for the month of October in Berlin, where they will have the opportunity to present their project to potential investors, meet the best teams of entrepreneurs from European universities and achieve international visibility. The Final, which took place on July 30, brought together 9 teams in competition: Intuitivo, YourBiome, eBreathie, Modatta, Preflet, AdaptionLab, BINDIN, Glooma and nøytrall.

Check out the NOVA Innovation Day

On the 8th of July, the Rectorate of the NOVA University Lisbon hosted the NOVA Innovation Day. knowledge-based value, through collaborations with the business and social representatives. The Rector, Prof. João Sàágua, opened the ceremony followed by the Pro-Rector, Prof. Isabel Rocha, who summarized the main points of action of the University in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and value creation and presented the NOVA Innovation digital platform that brings together, in an easily accessible virtual space, the main initiatives and activities related to the Third Mission of the University. Click here to see some Innovation Facts and Figures at NOVA The program continued with two roundtables session, to share the knowledge and experiences. The first focused on Technology Transfer and University-Business Relations, moderated by Pedro Saraiva, Director of NOVA IMS, with speakers Nuno Prego Ramos, CEO CellmAbs (NOVA Spin-off), João Paulo Oliveira, Co-CEO, BiLD Analytics (NOVA Spin-off), and Nuno Coelho, CEO A4F-AlgaFuel & Vice President CoLab BIOREF. The second roundtable, dedicated to the Transfer of Knowledge and Impact on Society, was moderated by Hélder Lopes, from the NOVA Impact Office, and included Jorge Portugal, COTEC General Director, Cristina Ventura, Public Policy Manager, Roche Portugal, Henrique Silveira, Professor at IHMT, Joana Castro e Costa, Executive Director, Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, and Luís Baptista, President of INNO – NOVA Social Innovation Center. The President of ANI – National Innovation Agency, Joana Mendonça, was responsible for the closing session. Review the event here

NOVA Innovation Day 2021 – live streaming on 8 July

NOVA Innovation Day aims to share the innovation and knowledge transfer strategy of NOVA University Lisbon and its most recent developments in this area, promoting the debate on the creation of knowledge-based value, through collaborations with business and social sectors. It will be broadcast live through NOVA's You Tube channel, starting at 9:30 am on July 8th. Check the NOVA Innovation Day programme NOVA Innovation Day Warm-up event The event will be preceded by a session of presentation and discussion of the book Start Up Nation, on July 7th at 17:00, with the presence of co-author Saul Singer and the Secretary of State for the Digital Transition, André de Aragão Azevedo, which will also be broadcast  live through NOVA's YouTube channel.

NOVA places knowledge at the service of the city with the new Campolide Campus

The Campolide Campus Day was celebrated today with the presentation of the concept for the new campus. (more…)

NOVA’s Rector highlights CoLab of Elvas as an ally of sustainability

The Rector of NOVA University Lisbon, João Sàágua, stated that the collaborative laboratory (CoLab) InnovPlantProtect (InPP), is an ally of sustainability in agricultural production, as it has been developing innovative solutions to protect crops from pests and diseases. It was in an interview with Vida Rural magazine that the Rector of NOVA spoke about the importance of this CoLab installed in Elvas, which is coordinated by NOVA. (more…)

NOVA in organizing the mind the tourism innovation program to create sustainable tourism solutions

The NOVA University Lisbon, through the Nova Tourism and Hospitality (TOHO) platform and NOVA Impact, is a partner of the Mind The Tourism program - mind your footprint, mind your health. Launched by NEST - Tourism Innovation Center, this program focuses on encouraging the creation of sustainable innovation solutions in the tourism sector. NOVA conceptualized the program and is organizing several initiatives, with emphasis on the roundtables and the Hackathon. Planetiers, an entity that promotes sustainable change, is also involved in the organization of the program, with a series of talks on opportunities for innovation in tourism. Mind The Tourism program aims to map opportunities for innovation in tourism and promote the creation of sustainable technological solutions, ready to test in the market. To this end, the program will bring together several stakeholders from the tourism industry around sustainable innovation. SMEs, startups, the academic community, companies and professionals will identify and work on the greatest tourism opportunities around three axes: Sustainability, Safety, Health and Well-being. The program is divided into two phases. The first phase concerns a set of talks and roundtables, where several priority challenges for tourism will be identified. In a second phase, which corresponds to the Hackathon, the challenges identified will be addressed to develop, in record time, technological solutions. In the end, three solutions will be chosen to be implemented in the market, through pilot projects. 1st phase - Opportunities Debate and Mapping To inspire the discussion on problems and identify opportunities in the tourism sector, Planetiers will bring together a set of national and international experts who will address the main themes for the future for tourism in a series of talks. European Ecological Pact, Climate Change, Carbon Footprint and Solutions, Big Data for Carbon and Solutions, Circular and Disruptive Solutions and Future Fit Tourism are the themes of these sessions, which will be available from March 15th on NEST's Youtube channel. In turn, between March 29th and April 9th, NOVA promotes roundtables, which will bring together specialists and entities from the public and private sector related to the sectorial topic under discussion, to make tangible the problems and opportunities associated with the three axes of the program. Among the guests will be representatives of associations and municipalities, companies in the sector, technological startups, individuals of recognized merit, among others, who will share their knowledge and promote the identification of solutions based on data and technology. The themes of the sessions are: Sustainable Mobility in Cities, Healthy and Ecological Restoration, Safe, Healthy and Sustainable Accommodation, Future Events, Cultural and Identity Heritage, Nature and the Ocean. These sessions will be broadcast live on NEST's YouTube channel. 2nd phase - Hackathon The second phase of the program is a Hackathon between April 30th and May 2nd, for the development of technological solutions for the opportunities mapped in talks and roundtables. This phase of the program will have the support of NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), NOVA Medical School, Turismo de Portugal, Lisbon City Hall, NOS and Brisa - Via Verde. Applications for the Hackathon will open on March 29th on the program's website. All the initiatives of Mind The Tourism program are free to access and take place online.

Innovation district brings a new geography of innovation and internationalization to the greater lisbon region

NOVA University Lisbon launched today the Innovation District, a project aiming to create a new global city in Almada, that will combine a unique and sustainable lifestyle in a new geography of innovation and technological knowledge. The first steps of this project, which involves a group of owners and investors and has the strategic support of the Municipality of Almada, were taken in 2019. By intervening in the areas of Monte da Caparica and Porto Brandão - distinguished by their potential for innovative knowledge, for the landscape and for the unique natural conditions - the Innovation District will provide the creation of a new city, modern and requalified, that will be a place of vanguard of ideas and innovations, attracting companies - national and international - and people. The Innovation District comprises a total area of ​​399 hectares, of which 110 hectares are green areas, and an investment of more than 800 million euros is estimated for its implementation. Among the main figures that define its size are the arrival of 4,500 new inhabitants to the new city, the creation of 1,000 new housing units, an area of ​​250,000 m2 for the implementation of new economic activities that will contribute to the creation of 17,000 new jobs and 86,000 m2 of tourist infrastructure. Based on the Live-work-play concept, the Innovation District will be a unique and plural city, designed to raise the quality of life of each of its inhabitants for whom all the various interest points will be within a short 15 minute distance.   NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA, projeto do arquiteto João Pedro Falcão de Campos   With the Campus of NOVA School of Science and Technology as its central point, the Innovation District places knowledge, qualified talent and innovation as an engine for urban development and transformation. As a space of innovation It also intends to become a magnet for companies and people, contributing to promote the development of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and leveraging its internationalization potential. Finally, it is a project focused on creating a creative, diverse, energetic and sustainable community, inspired by a better quality of life. The project includes the creation of a new sustainable city, anchored in the objectives defined by sustainable development until 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050, integrating an array of innovative environmental solutions.

Life sciences and health solutions highlighted in the first edition of sciencepreneur hands-on

Sciencepreneur Hands-on aims to accelerate knowledge transfer at NOVA, supporting scientists with a technological or scientific breakthrough to identify the best path for its commercialization, through a one-on-one guidance on how to build a go-to-market strategy, from research results to impact. The first edition of this program took place between 7 December 2020 and 12 March 2021. Over three months, three teams with promising scientific and technological projects participated in an immersive program that allowed them to acquire skills to accelerate their solutions with the support of dedicated mentors, and from the entire NOVA Mentor Network, who accompanied the evolution of the teams and facilitated the validation of their business models. The three selected entrepreneurial projects for this first pilot edition are from the health and life sciences field, demonstrating the potential for innovation in this field at NOVA. Among the projects are: a device to assess the effectiveness of taking inhaled medication associated to respiratory diseases (Easy Breathie); a highly specialized gene editing service done by scientists for scientists (GeneTagus); and the only diet available worldwide for rearing malaria mosquitoes, that do not require blood and can contribute to the global efforts towards the eradication of this disease (BloodLess). The program culminated with a final presentation of the developed solutions developed to a renowned panel of national and international specialistas and venture capitalists and specialists, namely: Daniela Couto (Partner, Biogeneration Ventures), Ricardo Perdigão Henrique (CEO, Bionova Capital) , Duarte Mineiro (Partner, Armilar Venture Partners) and David Braga Malta (Venture Partner, Vesalius Biocapital). The overall quality of the projects was highlighted by all those present in the session, who have mentioned that the potential to give rise to NOVA's next spin-offs is evident. Find out below the testimonies of the selected project promoters about the technologies they are developing, as well as about their participation in this program: Easy Breathie “We aim to empower asthmatic patients to better control their disease, but also to allow real-time monitoring by their assisting doctors, leading to more personalized healthcare delivery and closer relationship with the patient. To this end, we are developing the smart inhaler Easy Breathy, a medical device that turns the traditional inhaler of an asthmatic patient into a smart and connectable inhaler. Through a sensor adapted to the inhaler that the patient already uses, we are able to transmit useful and reliable information to a mobile application, which will help not only the patients to have a better quality of life, but also their doctors to better manage the disease and associated medication. This project results from a collaboration between students and researchers from NOVA University with backgrounds on computer science, biomedical engineering and medicine.   By participating in the Sciencepreneur Hands-on program we were able to mature and outline in more detail the value of our solution and what are the next steps to be taken both in terms of technology and business development, which would not be possible without the valuable help of our dedicated mentors. The sharing of experiences with everyone involved in the program was undoubtedly positive and very enriching.” GeneTagus “We are a research group working at CEDOC, Nova Medical School. Like hundreds of research groups around the world, we have adopted CRISPR-Cas as the preferred genetic editing technology for manipulating cell lines. We kind of stumbled on a real market need and quickly realized that we could offer a quality service at a very competitive price, meeting the needs of various research groups worldwide. Therefore, we launched our service in October 2019 and, even without a sales department, in September 2020 we had already reached 33 customers from 15 different countries, with revenues of 185 000 €.   The participation in this program was essential to structure and create the bases in order to make our service more professional and business oriented. As scientists, we often find very difficult to perceive the potential and economic value of our research activity. This program has equipped us with various tools that will allow us, among other things, to leverage our growth in the market. We highlight the excellence of everyone involved, from the mentors to the organizers, culminating in the group of experts of the jury - together, the feedback given by each one of them was the best support we could have had for the moment and the future.” BloodLess “Mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria, kill millions of people every year. To control the infections, we have to control the mosquito that transmits the disease. This requires the production of mosquitoes on a large scale, and females of the malaria-transmitting mosquito need to feed on blood to produce eggs and thus complete their life cycle. This leads to the need for high volumes of blood (human or human), for rearing mosquitoes on a very large scale. To respond to this need, we have developed an effective, blood-free artificial diet for breeding mosquitoes, which can contribute to the global effort to eliminate malaria. This artificial diet can be applied in remote locations where the disease is endemic (especially in Africa), allows the elimination of the use of animals for rearing mosquitoes, reduces the risk of accidental introduction of pathogenic organisms, the variability of batches, and has the potential to be used in innovative infection control applications worldwide.   We appreciate the immense support and the opportunity to discuss BloodLess from another perspective than the usual perspective of a scientist in the laboratory of IHMT NOVA. With participation in this program, we are certainly much more ahead than when we started and we highlight the numerous tips, the comprehensive and pragmatic vision of our mentor, as well as the comments of the experts in the final session that will certainly allow us to evolve.” If you want to apply for the next edition of Sciencepreneur Hands-on, you just need to have a technology or scientific breakthrough with the potential to be valued from an economic perspective. You can also take a look into the Sciencepreneur | The Basics course, to acquire basic skills in business modeling and value creation from research. Stay tuned and follow our social media, where the next opportunities will be announced in due course.

Pan-European Seal Traineeship Programme 2021/22 – Applications are open!

Professional traineeship Programme of 1-year at EPO or EUIPO. Up to EUR 2000 per month. Starting on September 16th. Pre-registrations open until March 2nd.

NOVA spin-off Sea4Us highlighted by the National Innovation Agency

The NOVA Spin-off Sea4Us was one of the 10 academic spin-offs considered most promising by the Observatory for the Valorization and Use of Scientific Knowledge in Portugal of the National Innovation Agency (ANI). (more…)

NOVA students develop system for monitoring symptoms of COVID-19 infection in the elderly

A group of seven students from FCT NOVA is developing a system for monitoring symptoms of infection by COVID-19, specifically designed for elderly and info-excluded people. The project,  iwhich is called Homesafe, was developed in the context of BeyondCOVID, a platform created by FCT NOVA to find technological solutions to fight the disease.

Professor Elvira Fortunato is the winner of the Horizon Impact Award 2020

Elvira Fortunato, is the winner of the European prize Horizon Impact Award 2020. INVISIBLE, the only Portuguese project among the 10 finalists, was distinguished today during the event “European Research and Innovation Days”. (more…)

Device to help patients with respiratory diseases using the inhaler wins NOVA ImpACT! Challenges

Smart Inhaler - Easy Breathie is the winner of the NOVA ImpACT! Challenges, NOVA's initiative to support solutions and ideas that respond to the challenges imposed by the “new normal” during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start-up of former NOVA student wins Santander Global Contest with smart box to preserve food

Mater Dynamics, a start-up founded by Tiago Cunha Reis, a former student at NOVA, developed the Stamply Box, a smart box to conserve perishable food and protect it from contamination, that was distinguished today as one of the winners of Santander X - Tomorrow Challenge. (more…)