Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day with NOVA

Dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals, this year's celebration highlights the importance of building our shared future through innovation and creativity. Learn more about NOVA's IP ecosystem (more…)

Naturity®, by Amorim Cork and NOVA School of Science and Technology

Employed in the treatment of natural corks, Naturity® delivers non-detectable TCA performance. (more…)

INVISIBLE, winner of the Horizon Impact Award 2020

Elvira Fortunato, is the winner of the European prize Horizon Impact Award 2020. INVISIBLE, the only Portuguese project among the 10 finalists, was distinguished on September 23, 2020 during the event "European Research and Innovation Days”. (more…)

com@Rehab project – Santander-NOVA Collaborative Research Award

Communication for interactive rehabilitation using virtual reality.

Necessity is the mother of invention – Examples that come from patients

Patient Innovation is an online platform led by NOVA Professors Pedro Oliveira and Helena Canhão, where patients and caregivers around the world connect to share and create solutions to cope with a health-related problem.

From fighting cancer to COVID-19

CellmAbs is a NOVA Spin-off that is using its knowledge and exploring ways of leveraging its innovative cancer therapies in the fight against COVID-19.

SCENT.IR – Diagnostics in a breath

Non-invasive diagnostics of human infections is the future! Know more about this challenging electronic nose & #SCENT_project, funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

Developing a pocket-size test for COVID-19

STAB VIDA, a company that is part of the NOVA University Lisbon ecosystem, has developed a convenient and integrated technological solution to facilitate the testing of COVID-19.

NOVA alumni fostering entrepreneurship – UpHill success story

UpHill develops quality analysis software and advanced training for hospitals. Through the use of their products, health professionals increase the degree of adoption of international good practices. By using UpHill solutions health units increase the quality and safety of healthcare provided.