NOVA Spin-Off® Applications

NOVA Spin-off ® trademark aims to recognize the companies created within the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of the NOVA University Lisbon.

This initiative was designed to identify, validate and foster the creation of spin-off companies at NOVA, while establishing regulations that clarify the eligibility criteria for candidate companies, giving also legal bearing to the recognition as NOVA Spin-off ® and formalizing the collaborations between these spin-off companies and the University.

Further information is available in the Regulation nº 157/2018, as of March 2018, which has been published in “Diário da República” (English version of the Regulation available here)


The benefits for NOVA Spin-offs ® are defined along with the companies, considering their specific requirements. Among several possible benefits, the following stand out:

  • Exclusive and royalty-free licensing of the developed intellectual property, until the commercialization stage;
  • Duly authorized time allocation for teachers or researchers who are promoters of the NOVA Spin-off ®, to support the development of the commercial project;
  • Use of space and/or equipment of the University for the development of spin-off activities.


All the applications should include the CVs of the company promoters, the company registration proof and a letter of request (standard letter).