Advanced thin-walled beam finite elements

Advanced thin-walled beam finite elements that can be used to model the behaviour of beam-like structures subjected to cross-section deformation (more…)

Capacitação das Associações de Doentes

Empowerment of Patients' Associations, through their preparation for shared decision-making, in the context of health policies (more…)

Clinical research unit of NOVA

NOVA-CRU intends to foster the execution of independent clinical studies, in accordance with good clinical practice, promoting the creation of an infrastructure to support researchers in conducting clinical studies, thus contributing to the generation of relevant evidence and impact on clinical practice. (more…)

Digital innovation and business transformation services

Maximization of competitive advantage and operational excellence in organizations implementing new information technologies or digital transformation. (more…)

Green infrastructures, ecosystems based-management and nature-based solutions. Tools for sustainable land management

Green infrastructures, ecosystems based-management and nature-based solutions. Tools for sustainable land management. (more…)

Knowledge to improve cities

Collaborative development of activities and projects that promote the creation and transfer of applied knowledge in the field urban intelligence (more…)

Laboratory of Leptospirosis and Lyme Borreliosis

Reference laboratory in Portugal (IHMT) for the diagnosis of leptospirosis , according to the guidelines of the International Leptospirosis Society (ILS) / WHO (more…)

Laser System PLS6MW: Cutting and Engraving Machine

The PLS6MW (Multi-Wavelength) is a free-standing platform that uses multiple laser wavelengths to process the broadest possible spectrum of materials and supports either CO2 or fibre lasers. (more…)

Lean, Agile and Digital Healthcare Systems

Transforming healthcare organizations through lean and agile management thinking and emergent digital technology (more…)

Lung function assessment and inflammatory biomarkers of the airways

High quality services in the area of lung function tests and assessment of airways inflammation. (more…)

METROVAC – Laboratory for vacuum technology and metrology

Metrovac in an ISO17025 accredited laboratory for calibration of vacuum gauges and reference leaks, as well as testing leak detectors (more…)

Microplastics research and analyses

Sampling, detection, characterization and polymer analyses of microplastics in water, sediment, soil and biological matrices (more…)

NMR services for product development and quality control – molecular identity, structure and quantity

NMR spectroscopy is the most versatile analytical technique at our disposal, allowing the detection, quantification and structure determination of most molecules. (more…)

NOVA Asset Administration Shell

Implements the concept of the Digital Twin of a physical object turning it into an Industrie 4.0 component that facilitates interoperability in industrial applications (more…)

NOVA ƐrgoLab – studies on ergonomics (physical work and/or user interface development)

Specialized studies on Physical Ergonomics (workplace design) and Human-System interaction (analogic or digital user-centered interfaces) (more…)

NOVA IMS – Health & Analytics Lab

Provides the Health System with the latest tools for health information analysis, allowing a better understanding of the critical factors of organizational performance and the system as a whole (more…)

NOVA IMS – Innovation & Analytics Lab

Combines Data Science, Design Thinking and Behavioral Sciences to facilitate innovation processes that lead to new insights and disruptive ideas, transforming prototypes into scalable solutions (more…)

NOVA PSOA – Advisory in implementing and evaluating social prescription

NOVA-PSOA supports institutions in the sectors of health, social or local authorities to implement and evaluate projects of Social Prescribing (more…)

NOVAcan – NOVA corporate advice in nutrition

NOVAcan provides consultancy in nutrition, metabolism and health promotion. This service may be requested by entities that need assistance and validation of scientific information (more…)

NOVAcnr – Clinical nutrition and metabolism research

NOVAcnr is a specialized service in nutritional clinical trial. The service includes study design, with or without intervention, ethical documentation support, trial execution, data treatment and analysis and report. (more…)

NOVAgli – NOVA glycemic index

NOVAgli is a service to determine food or meal glycemic index and glycemic load, according to the impact on postprandial blood glucose, increasing knowledge about their metabolic effect. (more…)

NOVAlia – NOVA kitchenlab @LIA

The NOVAlia provides interactive training to participants in nutrition science, cooking techniques and food preparation. (more…)

PYCC – Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection

Microbial characterization with phenotypic and molecular methods. Microbial genomics. Contract research on microbiology and molecular biology. Maintenance of industrial strains. Provider of more than 5000 certified microbial cultures. (more…)

Reflectron Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry

Trochoidal electron monochromator electron gun coupled with a reflection time of flight mass spectrometer. The set up allows to study gas phase ionisation processes and dissociative electron attachment processes. (more…)

Science to support Policy Action in Chemicals Risk Management

Support agencies at National and European Level concerning exposure and risk assessment to support policy actions that can guarantee and adequate risk management measure (more…)

Tailored people-centric solutions to foster drug development, research, science communication and health literacy

CDG&Allies provides tailored people-centric solutions to foster drug development, research, science communication and health literacy (more…)

UAV Technology and Innovation tools for a Sustainable Management of the Portuguese Coastal Zone

Risk and Civil Protection Assessment and Management using UAV technology (more…)