3D printing of bone-like structures for bone replacement in animals

3D printable ceramics compatible with cortical bones which have demonstrated good osseointegration in in vivo tests (more…)

Alternative natural and biocompatible, cell cryopreservation media

The invention herein proposed provides an alternative to the current gold standard used, DMSO, which is toxic and compromises cell viability after thawing. Furthermore, it allows cell preservation at higher temperatures. (more…)

Antimalarial Agent, Methods and Uses Thereof

A new compound, hierridin C, the method to obtain it, and its uses as an antimalarial and anticancer agent (more…)

Block Windowed Burst Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Transmission Method with Window Overlapping and Time-Interleaving

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is still at 5G (and since 3G) the preferred modulation of choice, due to its robustness to inter-symbol interference associated with multipath channels. (more…)

BLOODless – Unique Blood-free Diet for Rearing Malaria Mosquito Vectors

A mosquito diet similar to blood that frees research and control of vector-borne diseases like malaria of financial and ethical constraints. (more…)

CAPSEL – Cellulose Aluminium Polymer multi-ions composite Solid-electrolyte and Capacitors

CAPSEL is a low cost and efficient cellulose aluminium polymer multi-ions solid electrolyte, with ionic conductivity in the range of 0,1-10 mS/cm. (more…)

Colorimetric Method for Detection of Amplified Genetic Material

Method for detecting genetic material after an amplification reaction after a loop-mediated isothermal amplification reaction. (more…)

Composition for Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neuroshield is a new molecule that can penetrate the brain and reduce inflammation in mice models with Parkinson's Disease. It has the potential to slow down the progression of the disease without adverse effects thanks to its unique mode of action. (more…)

Compound with Antimalarial and Antimicrobial Activity

Uses of pyrazino[1,2-B]quinazoline-3,6-dione, its derivatives and homologues thereof. (more…)

CrystalTwins – gas sensing technology for fine alcohol discrimination

CRYSTALTWINS is an innovative solution for sustainable, fast & fine methanol discrimination in ethanol environments, such as for methanol detection in alcoholic drinks. (more…)

Cutin oligomers for prevention and treatment of plant diseases

Composition comprising isolated cutin polymer and/or cutin oligomers for use in prevention or treatment of plant disease, and a method for prevention or treatment of plant disease, comprising contacting the aerial parts of a plant, particularly leaves and fruit of a plant, with a composition comprising a cutin product consisting of isolated cutin polymer and/or an oligomeric hydrolyzation product of a cutin polymer. (more…)

Dendritic cell-based therapies for cancer treatment

Viable dendritic cells with up to twice as capacity to boost antigen-specific anti-tumour and anti-viral activity (more…)

Design of an Engineered Alcohol Dehydrogenase

Rational design of an engineered alcohol dehydrogenase towards C6 or higher alcohols. (more…)

EK reactor – electrodialytic technology as a pre-treatment for wastewater reuse applications

Improved electrodialytic technology for materials and irrigation sector application and hydrogen production for clean energy production (more…)

Engineered enzyme-like polymer particles for catalytic processes

This technology describes a new strategy for production of enzyme-like polymer particles useful for industrial catalytic processes. Versatile, very specific and multi-functional template-monomer complexes were synthesized for further use in polymerization reactions where highly stable and reusable polymer particles are obtained with catalytic activity. (more…)

Explosion Energy Dissipation System

The invention allows the flexible use in terms of dimensions, available deformable material and type of material used, maintaining a highly stable behaviour for the dissipater during the process of dissipation, allowing it to adapt its characteristic to any existing structure or any yet in construction so that it absorbs and redistributes the remaining energy of the explosion by the overall structure, protecting the elements that are essential to structural stability. (more…)

Innovative one-pot method for synthesis of a chemical building block in human healthcare, from succinic acid in carbon dioxide and ionic liquid media.

A new method to produce a chemical compound named  9-Thiabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane-2,6-dione in a one-pot process was invented. (more…)

Innovative process for obtaining multiple Polymer Ionic Liquid (PILs) gels electrolytes from renewable source

The present invention describes an innovative process for obtaining multiple Polymer Ionic Liquid (PILs) gels electrolytes from renewable source. (more…)

Low energy electron interactions with gas-phase molecules for pharmaceutical applications

A trochoidal electron monochromator coupled with an orthogonal reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer to monitor LEE interactions. (more…)

Low-cost and high-performance 3D printed advanced ceramic materials

3D printing of advanced ceramic materials, such as superconductors, is a new approach to obtain cheaper and easily processed complex shapes. (more…)

Menthol-fatty acids eutectic systems as anti-bacterial agents and wound healing enhancers

A composition of menthol: fatty acids, in the appropriate molar ratio to form a deep eutectic system, presenting antibacterial properties. (more…)

Method for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using phototrophic mixed cultures and CO2 as carbon source

An anaerobic process in which a mixed culture of phototrophic organisms stably growing in an illuminated reactor, with no aeration, and in non-sterile conditions, can capture CO2 while accumulating biopolymers. (more…)

Microfluidic device intergrading a selectively permeable membrane and a 3D vascular network for the in vitro development of anatomical-functional barrier

3D microfluidic platform with a biomimetic blood vessel network (CVN) mimicking the choroidal vascular network covered by a bioengineered Bruch’s membrane (BrM). (more…)

New eddy currents probe for tubular geometries

The invention consists of a new eddy currents probe for non-destructive testing of components with circular geometry. The probe is composed by 2 main features, the sensitive coil and the excitation winding which disposition allows a greater sensibility in the components testing. (more…)

Novel multi-resistant microbial, biofilm and biofouling hybrid isoprenoid inhibitors isolated from MAR4 strains

Actinomycetes targeted from marine sediments collected off Madeira Archipelago, located at the unexplored Macaronesia Atlantic ecoregion. (more…)

OptoElex – Novel Light-weight Pentacyclic amide Compounds for Optoelectronic applications

Small organic molecules for application as organic semiconductors (OSCs) principally as organic thin film transistors (OTFT) and OLEDs. (more…)

Phenylpropanoid saccharide esters, methods and uses thereof

Phenylpropanoid saccharide esters with different degrees and place of substitution, and their use as antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents (more…)

Portable, Energy-free Liquid Crystal-based Bacterial Sensor

A portable, energy-free liquid crystal-based optical sensor that uses engineered proteins to detect bacteria at point of use. (more…)

Smart Fishing

The Smart Fishing project was designed to make face to safety and sustainability issues in artisanal fishing through the community-based development of an Integrated Technological Solution. (more…)

Synthetic antigen biosensor for detection of Pneumocystis pneumonia

A Pneumocystis jirovecii recombinant synthetic antigen and an ELISA for detection of anti-P. jirovecii antibodies, were developed for the serodiagnosis of severe interstitial pneumonia (more…)

System for Selective and Controlled Sampling of Exhaled Air

A system and method for selective sampling of exhaled air in which the user exhales into the portable sampling device and the breath flow is calculated from the user’s air flow temperature obtained by the sensor. Furthermore, it is possible to correlate the air flow with the variation of temperature of the exhaled air. (more…)

Tailored People-centric Solutions to Foster Drug Development, Research, Science Communication and Health Literacy

CDG&Allies provides tailored people-centric solutions to foster drug development, research, science communication and health literacy (more…)

Three-Dimensional Model of Early Diabetic Retinopathy

An in vitro cellular culture development for novel therapeutic testing/pre-clinical research for novel anti-eye diabetic drugs for DR (more…)

Transmedia knowledge-base for Performing Arts: a dynamic archive for creative processes

A digital and unique open-ended multimodal knowledge-base to document, annotate and support the creation of performing arts. (more…)

Treatment of spinal cord injury

Therapy for spinal cord injury: the elimination of senescent cells improves recovery and healing after spinal cord injury in mammals. (more…)