IP & Knowledge Valorization

The NOVA Impact Office is here to help staff and students in the NOVA University Lisbon who want to protect and commercialize the results of their research. If you are affiliated to FCT NOVA or ITQB NOVA you can contact directly the technology transfer offices of these Schools, namely IRIS at FCT NOVA and the Innovation Unit at ITQB.

Start by telling us about your research outcomes [atualizar crosslink], invention or other opportunity. All discussions between you and NOVA specialized services regarding this matter will be treated as confidential.

NOVA support units will work with you to manage the activities involved in patenting, licensing and/or setting up a spin-off company.

Individual researchers, their departments, and the University itself can all benefit financially from successful commercialization within the University’s framework.

Get to know everything about the NOVA’s Intellectual Property Policy and main procedures applied by the University by reading the NOVA’s Guide to Intellectual Property and Knowledge Transfer.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer Process