Beat the Butt®: Cigarette Case with Integrated Butt Holder

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Case for cigarretes with extensible cigarette butt container.


It consists of a product that raises awareness to the cigarette butt pollution.

Cigarette butts are the most abundant litter on the planet and contaminate soils, waters and nature in general. Additionally, cigarette butts are made of cellulose acetate which is a form of plastic and therefore does not biodegrade. The laws are becoming more and more restrictive towards this problem and European Commission has set goals on the reduction of this pollutant, pressing countries to adopt more effective measures to solve this problem. Beat the Butt is the solution that was tailored for the end user and can provide and effective yet simple solution to the problem of cigarette butt discard.


The cigarette case, adaptable to any size and shape, comprises a pack holder adapted to receive a cigarette pack, an extensible cigarette butt container adapted to receive cigarette butts and a cover at the top of the pack holder. The pack holder comprises a lower portion with attaching means arranged in two diametrically opposed external faces and configured to engage with complementary attaching means that are arranged in two diametrically opposed interior faces of the cigarette butt container, allowing the cigarette butt container to slide along the lower portion of the pack holder. The extensible cigarette butt container further comprises an aperture adapted to allow access to the interior space of the cigarette butt container when the user extends the cigarette butt container outwards.


Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 7 – Prototype Developed and Tested


This technology can be interesting for the players of the following sectors:-

  • tobacco companies;
  • festivals and big events companies with social responsibility goals;
  • waste water treatment companies.

We are also looking for companies that want to continue to develop the technology further until the commercialization step.



We are looking to license the product to companies involved in product development but also to companies that want to have a social responsibility impact on protecting the oceans and forests.

We are similarly looking for investment to continue to develop this product further and implement it at a municipality scale and next at a nacional scale.

NOVA Inventors

Carla Portela

Bruno Soares

Beat the Butt