Empowerment of Patients' Organizations

Empowerment of Patients’ Associations [NI-SERV-2020-43]

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Empowerment of Patients’ Associations, through their preparation for shared decision-making, in the context of health policies

Service/Expertise Overview

It is intended for advocates, i.e., organizations and individuals who advocate for the interests of patients, and for others interested in the advocacy of health citizenship. Includes:

  • Mentoring and monitoring, which allows the immediate and dynamic identification of the needs and interests of the participants;
  • Academic dimension present in learning consolidation techniques, in group work, in the preparation of portfolios and in the discussion of cases;
  • Varied and dynamic components, namely, the training unit called “Advocacy for Health Citizenship”, workshops, field visits, seminars and Think Tank;
  • Specific and general contents, which serve all types of patient associations;
  • Co-creation sessions of statements, reflections, consensus or discussion documents;
  • Handbook production.

Competitive advantages

  • Proximity to the needs of participants, through mentoring and monitoring;
  • Adaptive model and varied contents;
  • Confidence of the participants, who have expressed a feeling of evolution throughout the editions, as well as the desire to continue to attend the “Academia”;
  • Interpersonal relationships established between the participants.


Empowerment of Patients’ Organizations Academy.

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