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 July 4th, 2023 | NOVA University Lisbon Rectorate (Campolide Campus)

For whom?

In order to raise awareness amongst the NOVA community regarding the potentialities and legal procedures surrounding IP, the purpose of this workshop is to gather the entirety of NOVA community closely related to the health and biotech fields, with special emphasis on scientists, researchers, and other academic and non-academic staff, to learn about the importance of IP in their works and projects, as well as to provide them with some basic knowledge on the subject. It is also a purpose of this event to elucidate NOVA’s academic community on its policies and internal procedures, whilst providing some insights on best practices and other useful tips.

What's it about?

The presence of inventive, enthusiastic, and imaginative individuals is instrumental in propelling the transition towards a better and more sustainable future, and the protection of intellectual property (IP) can facilitate the development of a better tomorrow.

NOVA’s ecosystem is no exception to this paradigm. With a strong linkage to impact creation, this event is held to help researchers and support staff to boost the impact of their research, to acknowledge some technicalities regarding IP and to answer to their own questions related to the subject.

To do this, the event is structured following a workshop approach, entailing introductory remarks on the importance of IP on research projects. It should also stimulate fruitful discussions regarding the actual challenges that scientists, researchers and other academic and non-academic staff face when managing their projects, IP portfolio and knowledge transfer strategies. This is a great opportunity to stimulate faculty in engaging with an expert on this field by having the possibility to have a short meeting with the speakers and a NOVA innovation manager.

Participants are invited to bring their own use cases to be discussed.


When will it happen?

July 4th, 2023 @ NOVA University Lisbon Rectorate (Campolide Campus), from 10h00 to 13h00.