José Falcão de Berredo

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José has over 20 years of experience in business management, mainly in multinational environments. He worked in several big companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, Nike, Danone, and Kraft Foods, assuming roles of Director and General Director. Moreover, he worked in Spain for 4 years, as DG/Administrator of a Portuguese company in the area of Navigation & Logistics, Orey Shipping.

Since 2011, José is the Managing Partner of G2M, a company dedicated to the design of go to market strategies and brand internationalization. This company aims to take some brands to new places, being responsible for the entire commercial and marketing plan, supported by long-term contracts with these Brands. Starting with PALOP, G2M currently operates in several markets, from English speaking countries to the Magreg region, Asia and Europe.

Main Skills

  • Liderança / Leadership
  • Long term vision
  • communication & Marketing

Areas of interest for mentoring

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Culture

Motivation to be a mentor

  • Personal satisfaction to share know-how and experience accumulated over the years, while contacting with younger spirits and other competencies;
  • To contribute to the concretization of ideas from other entrepreneurs.


  • Face to face (as long as previously planned)
  • Email


Internationalization | Strategy | Marketing & Sales