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Using data from millions of journeys, Meight anticipates what drivers will do in the next split-second to help them spend less and use less. Journey by journey, Meight is changing transport for everyone.

Motion can be described in eight dimensions — an inherent complexity that we solve to power transport. Our name captures our obsession with understanding motion through data, but also our role in fostering collaboration. Drivers, businesses and citizens are our partners and teammates, because we cannot change transport alone.

At Meight we strive to learn about motion in all its complexity, and use that knowledge to improve the way we all move.

“At Meight we feel a great deal of empathy for Carriers. Meight API brings an exciting and much needed transformation to Road Freight having in sight and preparing for the decades to come, where electrification, autonomous vehicles and growth in word trade will bring huge challenges to the supply side.” – Luís Mendes, CEO Meight