Metabolomics Data Analysis Service

Metabolomics Data Analysis Service [NI-SERV-2020-38]

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A CEDOC-NMS research group with extensive experience in basic and clinical research, metabolomics, LC-MS and statistics, offers support in the analysis of metabolomics data.

Service/Expertise Overview

We offer expertise and support for the analysis of MS-data of non-targeted and targeted metabolomics studies.

Our services include all stages of the workflow of any non-targeted or targeted metabolomics study, namely:

a) Non-targeted metabolomics studies based on LC-MS data: data pre-processing (R, MZmine software), statistical analysis (R, SIMCA software), metabolite identification (state-of-the-art machine learning software).

b) Targeted metabolomics based on LC-MS and GC-MS data: data pre-processing (R, MZmine software), quantifications, statistical analysis (R, SPSS software).

Competitive advantages

Our group has unique skilled people in basic and clinical research, metabolomics, LC-MS and statistics.


Metabolomics is a post-genomic technology with enormous applications in precision medicine (i.e. drug response, disease phenotypes). It can be included in master, PhD thesis and any research project interested in studying small molecules.

Some examples of Ph.D. thesis:

  • A simple method to measure sulfonation in man using paracetamol as probe drug, doi:
  • The multimorbidity of asthma and rinitis: from epidemiologic data to molecular traits,

Further details

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