NOVA Impact Office

The NOVA Impact Office contributes to the University’s societal benefit by working with academics, researchers and students to apply and maximize the impact of their expertise and research, to foster knowledge transfer and transform innovative results in social and economic value. 

We support and develop initiatives that add social or economic value, based on the knowledge produced at NOVA, promoting a knowledge-based and high-impact value creation activity through collaborations with society and industry. We set up new programs to encourage entrepreneurship and new cross-cutting initiatives to strengthen collaboration with businesses. 

We help NOVA innovators and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas for the benefit of society, the economy, themselves, and the University. 

Typical activities and support include the protection, development and commercialization of ideas/technology, entrepreneurship training, new company or social enterprise creation, and liaising with industry or other organizations to partner up towards impact-driven projects and initiatives. 

Hélder Lopes

Director of Research and Innovation

Carla Portela

Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Mariana Duarte

Communication and Events