Optimization of Industry 4.0 Operations

Optimization of Industry 4.0 Operations [NI-SERV-2020-49]

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Optimization of processes and operations in manufacturing and services using emergent and digital technologies

Service/Expertise Overview

The principles of Lean Six Sigma have been an essential part of the path to achieve excellence in production and beyond since the last century. The company’s excellence journey has now new challenges: to improve processes in the era of digitalization of products and services. With our expertise, we combine traditional tools, such as Lean Six Sigma, Theory of constraints, Risk Management, with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to improve digital and smart processes and services. Additionally, we combine this expertise in process improvement tools, with the development of customized I4.0 solutions (e.g. smart sensors for defects detection, automation, and signal processing) for zero-defect manufacturing systems and equipment/infrastructure condition-based maintenance.

Competitive advantages We base our expertise with knowledge developed in previous projects with companies that can serve as showcases. We have a team with solid scientific experience, converging expertise from Industrial Engineering and Management with Mechanical Engineering, and supported by our laboratory facilities for the development of smart sensors, automation, signal processing, and digital advanced manufacturing.


  • Theory of Constraints (ToC)
  • Enterprise organizational risk management systems
  • Application of Lean Six Sigma methodology in Industry 4.0
  • Advanced and Intelligent Quality Control Solutions for Zero-Defect
  • Manufacturing Condition-based Maintenance Systems for Equipment and Infrastructure

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