Rui Gouveia

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Serial entrepreneur for 20 years, willing to share the experience and learnings with driven young entrepreneurs.
Currently managing a leading startup incubator in sunny Lisbon, where we help dozens of international startups in different stages.
All Things Digital ɔıʇɐuɐɟ
Entrepreneur by ʇɹɐǝɥ
Creative technologist by uƃısǝp
Transhumanist ɹǝʞɔɐɥoıq

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at comOn Group
Co-Founder & CEO at Build Up Lab – startup studio and incubator

Main skills
Company building, Management, Hiring & Culture

Area(s) of interest for mentoring
Entrepreneurship, Business Models, Marketing, Fundraising

Motivation to be a mentor
My goal is to help entrepreneurs avoid the most common mistakes of starting a business and focus on finding “undiscovered” new mistakes.

Availability for mentoring sessions