Sérgio Coimbra Henriques

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Sérgio Coimbra Henriques is a Lawyer and Patent Attorney. He holds a PhD in Private Law from NOVA School of Law, where he also completed his law degree, a graduate course in Labour Law and a Master’s degree in Corporate Law. He was a lawyer at the Portuguese Securities Exchange Commission and a Senior Consultant at PwC.

In his professional activity, he always kept a considerable involvement with the start-up ecosystem, having relevant experience in counseling innovative business ventures, including the identification of the main legal risks associated with business expansion, as well as outlining strategies to prevent or mitigate them.

Main Skills

  • Fintech
  • Labour law
  • Intellectual property
  • Regulation

Areas of interest for mentoring

  • Law
  • Fintech
  • Technology-driven innovation
  • Data science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Life sciences

Motivation to be a mentor

Being a Mentor at NOVA is an opportunity to return to my University’s community all the support and enthusiasm that the Entrepreneurship Office gave me a while ago. Now is the time to give back, supporting the development of new projects and ideas at NOVA by sharing the knowledge and experience acquired over the years.


  • Face to face
  • Email
  • Online
Fintech | Labour Law | Intellectual Property | Regulation