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Associated with the company The USE Concept, Lda., the CarBio-Solo idea/product is a new approach to voluntary and regulated carbon markets, seeking to be a response to the various problems encountered in this type of scheme.

CarBio-Solo emerged in 2021 following the master’s thesis entitled “Carbon Sequestration in Soil: Mitigation of Climate Change in Mediterranean Ecosystems“. With the inclusion of the speciality of remote sensing and geographic information systems, it was possible to develop a product by deepening some methodological issues of the previous dissertation, the design of the product from the management and financial point of view was finalised combining the speciality of economics and management of a NOVA SBE student.

This product seeks, based on science, to respond to the challenges posed by additionality, permanence, double counting, value creation for other ecosystem services (mitigating soil degradation, the effects of droughts, desertification, biodiversity loss), fair trade, and monitoring, resulting in high quality credits. In addition, the creation of new CarBio-Solo products aimed at municipalities, such as municipal carbon inventories and municipal climate change mitigation strategies, seek to respond to the need to adapt local realities to climate change mitigation, monitoring the impact of policies and strategies at municipal, national and community level.

It is through science that these products want to differentiate themselves from the rest, emerging in academia in 2021, research continues, with a Ph.D. already underway aimed at developing municipal inventory and monitoring products. The basis of the CarBio-Solo product is a master’s dissertation developed at NOVA FCSH, linked to the Geography department. In addition, a curricular internship, also linked to NOVA FCSH, taking place at the company, seeks to study municipal land-use planning systems, which should be the new step of innovation in inventories, allowing the creation of dashboards for monitoring ecosystem services in real time.