Tiago Cunha Reis

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Doctor Tiago Cunha Reis is the founder and CEO of Mater Dynamics. He takes a strong role in the company’s R&D and business strategy. Tiago is also an independent scientific reviewer at European Polymer Journal, Biomedical Materials Journal, and the European Commission, with internationally recognized expertise in Chemistry and Material Science. Tiago holds +10 years of experience in sensor designing, being thrilled by matching great technologies with clear business opportunities.

Tiago founded Mater Dynamics in 2016, and in 2019 Mater Dynamics had sold +80000 units of its core product QStamp®. With a strong focus on nanotechnology and microelectronics, Mater Dynamics has business activities across Europe and South America. The company was found after completing his Ph.D. in Bioengineering Systems under the MIT Portugal Program, and therefore Tiago clearly knows the advantages and pitfalls of starting technology ventures from academia.

Main Skills

  • Sensors
  • Signal processing
  • Funding
  • Business development
  • Proof of concept designing

Areas of interest for mentoring

  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences

Motivation to be a mentor

  • Giving back to University;
  • Happy to contribute to the development of disruptive ideas and to the success of new ventures.


  • Face to face
  • Email
  • Online
Sensors | Proof of Concept Design | Microeletronics | Business Development