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AquaInSilico is developing software tools to monitor and optimise wastewater treatment across many different industries, including municipal wastewater treatment plants, oil groups, brewers, pulp, paper and steel makers, food processing and waste recovery businesses.

The company was born from the research produced by a team from the Biochemical Engineering Group (Bioeng) of UCIBIO (FCT NOVA), who was able to replicate biological processes in algorithms that simulate the functioning of different wastewater treatment processes. The developed tool can detect possible problems with processes, often before they can be diagnosed by humans. This will allow companies to tune and adapt their treatment systems more effectively and is expected to save them up to 25% of their operating costs The spin-off co-founded by Jorge Santos, Mariana Matos e Maria Ascensão Reis from FCT NOVA, with the participation of Frontier IP, focus on the development of innovative solutions that promote circular economy and sustainability, by reusing, for example, compounds recovered from wastewater plants as fertilisers or biofuels.