Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing Insights [NI-SERV-2020-29]

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NOVA marketing analytics lab is a laboratory that conducts behavioural research with experimental and neuromarketing methods.


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The Marketing Analytics Lab’s mission is to develop high-level research in the areas of marketing analytics and data-driven marketing, generating insights for companies and for academic purposes. Our mission is to study consumers’ attention to get consumer behaviour insights and understand what impacts decision making, through the use of trustworthy and reliable equipment.

We believe that aligning advanced behavioural research methods with neuromarketing tools is crucial for gaining behavioural insights. Thus, our projects are based on a deep understanding of consumer behaviour using experimental methods and neuromarketing tools to measure physiological responses (brain, eyes, and skin).

The laboratory has the following list of resources in order to derive valuable behavioural insights:

Neuromarketing tools:
1. Electroencephalogram (EEG);
2. Screen-based eye tracker;
3. Eye tracking glasses;
4. Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).

Analytics Software:
1. Tobi Pro Lab;
3. smartPLS;
4. Qualtrics;
5. R Studio.

Our work consists of developing analytical tools to better understand consumers, and this is done through processes that emanate from two fields:
• Neuromarketing and Consumer Science: Measuring physiological responses that cannot or can hardly be self-reported by consumers to get a deep and veracious understanding of consumer behavior; using neuromarketing tools that are not intrusive and easily adapted to each consumer.
• Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Using data processing in Artificial Intelligence in order to create clusters, predict behaviors and develop business solutions


NOVA Marketing Analytics Lab is a multidisciplinary lab that is focused on experimentation in the area of marketing. Teams from different backgrounds take part in projects to improve our understanding of consumer behavior. We believe that other fields provide a plethora of valuable insights, and our lab works on integrating all of them.


This service will be of interest to:
• Research partners for further co-development of high-quality academic research in order to contribute to the body of knowledge in behavioral sciences;
• Governmental partners in order to develop public campaigns and programs (e.g., public health campaigns);
• Companies interested in getting intrinsic consumer behavior insights to better understand their customers.


NOVA Marketing Analytics Lab.

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