CIRCULAR inNOVA(tion) Ideation and Entrepreneurship programme

NOVA joined forces with Sociedade Ponto Verde® to develop a programme that aims to respond to specific environmental and packaging waste-management challenges and is open to individual or team applications.

This programme promotes the generation of innovative solutions using co-creation methodologies and rapid prototyping which will occur in two phases:

  • IDEATION BOOTCAMP: During this phase, innovative ideas will be generated using design thinking tools.
    • Three to Five teams will move on to the next phase.
  • SPRINT MVP: During this phase, the selected selected teams will receive a monetary value (1.000€) to support the development of their minimum viable product (MVP). In the end, they will make a pitch to the jury.
    • The best team gets additional support to continue to develop the project together with SPV partners and NOVA Impact team.














You can find the regulation of the program here.


  • Teams of up to five members (at least one must be from the NOVA ecosystem).
  • Entrepreneurial individuals looking for a team (for matchmaking). Individual registrations may already have a project or be looking to integrate an entrepreneurial project that is on going.
  • The elements can be students, alumni, researchers, teachers, etc..
  • Ideation Bootcamp (15 November to 27 November) | Face to Face
    • Welcome and networking session with team formation
    • Kick off and talk on the chosen design challenges (by SPV)
    • Design thinking workshop
    • How to pitch your project


  • .MVP sprint (4 December to 26 March 2024) | Workshops are Online but and intermediate and pitch presentations are Face to Face.
    • Workshops – in the beginning of each week (day to be announced)
    • Dedicated mentoring + mentor network
    • Intermediate report and presentation: 9th of february | 2-4pm
    • Final Pitch (DEMO DAY): 26th of March | 5.30-7pm



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  • Application submission: 6 November
  • Applications analysis: 7 till 10 November
  • Communication of teams and individual selected: 10 November
  • Beginning of program: 15 November


Pay as you throw

How can we create a system that is fair and that reaches the entire population?

On demand

How to set up an “on-demand” packaging waste management system?


How to mobilize consumers to reduce, separate more and more effectively the packaging waste?