PYCC - Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection

PYCC – Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection [NI-SERV-2020-41]

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Microbial characterization with phenotypic and molecular methods. Microbial genomics. Contract research on microbiology and molecular biology. Maintenance of industrial strains. Provider of more than 5000 certified microbial cultures.

Service/Expertise Overview

Expertise in strain authentication; maintenance and commercialization of certified microbial cultures (yeast, moulds and bacteria).

In-depth strain characterization with phenotypic and molecular methods. Services of “strain- deposit” are provided together with contract-research programs and consulting.

Competitive advantages

PYCC is the oldest culture collection in Portugal and the only certified Portuguese culture collection specialized on yeasts. It maintains unique strains from Mediterranean ecosystems and fermented products related with the Mediterranean diet. PYCC has a detailed on-line catalogue (available here) that provides information on more than 5000 cultures that range a wide taxonomic, ecological and physiological diversity. The collection is specialized on yeasts and includes strains of biotechnological and clinical importance. It includes also selected groups of moulds and bacteria.


Provider of certified strains for academia and industry; Cluster of expertise available to provide “contract research” services for industries as well as consulting services on issues related to Microbiology and Molecular Biology.

Research centre


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