Method for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using phototrophic mixed cultures and CO2 as carbon source

An anaerobic process in which a mixed culture of phototrophic organisms stably growing in an illuminated reactor, with no aeration, and in non-sterile conditions, can capture CO2 while accumulating biopolymers. (more…)

Design of an Engineered Alcohol Dehydrogenase

Rational design of an engineered alcohol dehydrogenase towards C6 or higher alcohols. (more…)

Compound for Treating Fungal Infections

Nickel xanthines complexes as selective agents for Candida sp. infection treatment (more…)

Design and Fabrication of Suspended, Thin Film Devices

Custom design and fabrication of suspended, thin film devices (often referred to as TEM chips) with micro/nanopores, as well as custom design of fluidics for integrating electrical and optical measurements and pressure driven flows with nanopore containing devices. (more…)

Portable, Energy-free Liquid Crystal-based Bacterial Sensor

A portable, energy-free liquid crystal-based optical sensor that uses engineered proteins to detect bacteria at point of use. (more…)

Alternative natural and biocompatible, cell cryopreservation media

The invention herein proposed provides an alternative to the current gold standard used, DMSO, which is toxic and compromises cell viability after thawing. Furthermore, it allows cell preservation at higher temperatures. (more…)

BLOODless – Unique Blood-free Diet for Rearing Malaria Mosquito Vectors

A mosquito diet similar to blood that frees research and control of vector-borne diseases like malaria of financial and ethical constraints. (more…)

Novel multi-resistant microbial, biofilm and biofouling hybrid isoprenoid inhibitors isolated from MAR4 strains

Actinomycetes targeted from marine sediments collected off Madeira Archipelago, located at the unexplored Macaronesia Atlantic ecoregion. (more…)

Innovative one-pot method for synthesis of a chemical building block in human healthcare, from succinic acid in carbon dioxide and ionic liquid media.

A new method to produce a chemical compound named  9-Thiabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane-2,6-dione in a one-pot process was invented. (more…)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis

The development of new products depends on the ability to characterize materials. NMR is an analytical technique for the structural analysis of materials at the molecular level and the evaluation of potential applications (more…)

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction for structure solution of small molecules

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction is undoubtedly the most powerful technique for the complete structural elucidation of molecules. (more…)

BioLab – Biological and Chemical Analysis Facility

The BioLab gathers in a single unit state-of-the-art biophysical and biological technologies, devoted to the comprehension of cellular and molecular mechanisms (more…)

PYCC – Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection

Microbial characterization with phenotypic and molecular methods. Microbial genomics. Contract research on microbiology and molecular biology. Maintenance of industrial strains. Provider of more than 5000 certified microbial cultures. (more…)

Environmental Burden of Disease Analysis

Burden of disease, with an economical evaluation, related with exposure to environmental contaminants (air pollutants,chemical contaminants) (more…)

Synthetic antigen biosensor for detection of Pneumocystis pneumonia

A Pneumocystis jirovecii recombinant synthetic antigen and an ELISA for detection of anti-P. jirovecii antibodies, were developed for the serodiagnosis of severe interstitial pneumonia (more…)

Smart Fishing

The Smart Fishing project was designed to make face to safety and sustainability issues in artisanal fishing through the community-based development of an Integrated Technological Solution. (more…)

GeoBioTec / NOVA – Expertise

Studies in geophysics, geochemistry, biology, paleontology, petrology, geomaterials, geotechnics, hydrogeology, structural geology and remote sensing. (more…)

Sustainable PHA polymer production through microbial fermentation

Sustainable PHA polymer production through microbial fermentation. (more…)

Laboratory of Leptospirosis and Lyme Borreliosis

Reference laboratory in Portugal (IHMT) for the diagnosis of leptospirosis , according to the guidelines of the International Leptospirosis Society (ILS) / WHO (more…)

In Vivo Arthropod Security Facility – VIASEF

In vivo studies with autochthonous, invasive, exotic or transgenic arthropod vectors infected/non-infected with human pathogens. (more…)