Compound for Treating Fungal Infections

Nickel xanthines complexes as selective agents for Candida sp. infection treatment (more…)

Studies in Microbiota and Microbiomics

Measurement of the impact of small molecules and food components on the growth of individual strains or communities within the gut microbiota (more…)

Colorimetric Method for Detection of Amplified Genetic Material

Method for detecting genetic material after an amplification reaction after a loop-mediated isothermal amplification reaction. (more…)

Three-Dimensional Model of Early Diabetic Retinopathy

An in vitro cellular culture development for novel therapeutic testing/pre-clinical research for novel anti-eye diabetic drugs for DR (more…)

NOVA Healthcare UX – User Experience Research in health

NOVA Healthcare UX designs organizational changes aiming at better healthcare experiences for users, which is key to person-centred care. (more…)

Portable, Energy-free Liquid Crystal-based Bacterial Sensor

A portable, energy-free liquid crystal-based optical sensor that uses engineered proteins to detect bacteria at point of use. (more…)

Composition for Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases

Resorcinol-based products for preventing and/or treating neuroinflammation and treating neurodegenerative diseases. (more…)

Microfluidic device intergrading a selectively permeable membrane and a 3D vascular network for the in vitro development of anatomical-functional barrier

3D microfluidic platform with a biomimetic blood vessel network (CVN) mimicking the choroidal vascular network covered by a bioengineered Bruch’s membrane (BrM). (more…)

Compound with Antimalarial and Antimicrobial Activity

Uses of pyrazino[1,2-B]quinazoline-3,6-dione, its derivatives and homologues thereof. (more…)

Antimalarial Agent, Methods and Uses Thereof

A new compound, hierridin C, the method to obtain it, and its uses as an antimalarial and anticancer agent (more…)

Tailored People-centric Solutions to Foster Drug Development, Research, Science Communication and Health Literacy

CDG&Allies provides tailored people-centric solutions to foster drug development, research, science communication and health literacy (more…)

Treatment of spinal cord injury

Therapy for spinal cord injury: the elimination of senescent cells improves recovery and healing after spinal cord injury in mammals. (more…)

System for Selective and Controlled Sampling of Exhaled Air

A system and method for selective sampling of exhaled air in which the user exhales into the portable sampling device and the breath flow is calculated from the user’s air flow temperature obtained by the sensor. Furthermore, it is possible to correlate the air flow with the variation of temperature of the exhaled air. (more…)

NOVA PSOA – Advisory in implementing and evaluating social prescription

NOVA-PSOA supports institutions in the sectors of health, social or local authorities to implement and evaluate projects of Social Prescribing (more…)

Lean, Agile and Digital Healthcare Systems

Transforming healthcare organizations through lean and agile management thinking and emergent digital technology (more…)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis

The development of new products depends on the ability to characterize materials. NMR is an analytical technique for the structural analysis of materials at the molecular level and the evaluation of potential applications (more…)

NOVA ƐrgoLab – studies on ergonomics (physical work and/or user interface development)

Specialized studies on Physical Ergonomics (workplace design) and Human-System interaction (analogic or digital user-centered interfaces) (more…)

Empowerment of Patients’ Associations

Empowerment of Patients' Associations, through their preparation for shared decision-making, in the context of health policies (more…)

Metabolomics Data Analysis Service

A CEDOC-NMS research group with extensive experience in basic and clinical research, metabolomics, LC-MS and statistics, offers support in the analysis of metabolomics data. (more…)

Environmental Burden of Disease Analysis

Burden of disease, with an economical evaluation, related with exposure to environmental contaminants (air pollutants,chemical contaminants) (more…)