Method for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using phototrophic mixed cultures and CO2 as carbon source

An anaerobic process in which a mixed culture of phototrophic organisms stably growing in an illuminated reactor, with no aeration, and in non-sterile conditions, can capture CO2 while accumulating biopolymers. (more…)

Chemical Analysis Laboratory – LAQV-REQUIMTE

Your partner for specialized chemical analytical services. Our expert guidance: tailored solutions in chemical analyses for your research. (more…)

Solution for simultaneous localization and targets mapping optimized for aerial surveillance

Method to estimate accurately the position and metrics (length, width, and height) of any target.


Beat the Butt®: Cigarette Case with Integrated Butt Holder

Case for cigarretes with extensible cigarette butt container. (more…)

OptoElex – Novel Light-weight Pentacyclic amide Compounds for Optoelectronic applications

Small organic molecules for application as organic semiconductors (OSCs) principally as organic thin film transistors (OTFT) and OLEDs. (more…)

Design, Experimentation and Simulation in Engineering

Achieving reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable product development. (more…)

Analytical Techniques Development and Application

Implementation and development of new X-ray spectrometry systems. (more…)

Crystalsense – electronic nose using novel gas sensing materials

A new sensing solution for a bio-inspired electronic nose, able to “smell” mixtures of volatile organic compounds. (more…)

Explosion Energy Dissipation System

The invention allows the flexible use in terms of dimensions, available deformable material and type of material used, maintaining a highly stable behaviour for the dissipater during the process of dissipation, allowing it to adapt its characteristic to any existing structure or any yet in construction so that it absorbs and redistributes the remaining energy of the explosion by the overall structure, protecting the elements that are essential to structural stability. (more…)

Engineered enzyme-like polymer particles for catalytic processes

This technology describes a new strategy for production of enzyme-like polymer particles useful for industrial catalytic processes. Versatile, very specific and multi-functional template-monomer complexes were synthesized for further use in polymerization reactions where highly stable and reusable polymer particles are obtained with catalytic activity. (more…)

Innovative process for obtaining multiple Polymer Ionic Liquid (PILs) gels electrolytes from renewable source

The present invention describes an innovative process for obtaining multiple Polymer Ionic Liquid (PILs) gels electrolytes from renewable source. (more…)

New eddy currents probe for tubular geometries

The invention consists of a new eddy currents probe for non-destructive testing of components with circular geometry. The probe is composed by 2 main features, the sensitive coil and the excitation winding which disposition allows a greater sensibility in the components testing. (more…)

Removal of micropollutants and microorganisms from aqueous matrices

Electrochemical reactor for the removal of micropollutants and microorganisms from aqueous matrices applied in a time window of hours. (more…)

Block Windowed Burst Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Transmission Method with Window Overlapping and Time-Interleaving

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is still at 5G (and since 3G) the preferred modulation of choice, due to its robustness to inter-symbol interference associated with multipath channels. (more…)

NOVA Asset Administration Shell

Implements the concept of the Digital Twin of a physical object turning it into an Industrie 4.0 component that facilitates interoperability in industrial applications (more…)

Risk Analysis Applied to Collections

Risk Analysis Applied to Collections is based in the 10 agents of deterioration from Canadian Conservation Institute and the Risk analysis model developed by Robert Waller (more…)

Measuring Pollutants in Museus or other Institutions with Cultural Heritage

The main pollutants in museums are measured and the results will be analysed in a report. (more…)

Microplastics research and analyses

Sampling, detection, characterization and polymer analyses of microplastics in water, sediment, soil and biological matrices (more…)

UAV Technology and Innovation tools for a Sustainable Management of the Portuguese Coastal Zone

Risk and Civil Protection Assessment and Management using UAV technology (more…)

Green infrastructures, ecosystems based-management and nature-based solutions. Tools for sustainable land management

Green infrastructures, ecosystems based-management and nature-based solutions. Tools for sustainable land management. (more…)